Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to Increase Native Bees

As seen first in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden newsletter. researchers at Oregon State University have made a chance discovery that might just increase the native bee population. During field observation native bees, including bumble bees, were drawn to the color blue. This went for blue flowers or inaminate objects. Honey bees were not attracted to any particular color. Researchers are now testing blue flags on a clothesline-like rope system in field crops.

So it may be possible to someday to hang blue flags to increase the native bee population to increase pollination in your gardens. For more information, go to

Monday, December 14, 2009

Adopt A Children's Garden

The National Gardening Association has a fantastic program to stimulate gardening in children at their school. The Adopt A Children's Garden allows donors to purchase kits to start a garden inside or outside the classroom. You can donate for the national program or handle yourself by finding a particular school. What a really cool thing to do for your child or grandchild's school?

Whether you are the of Director of Powell Gardens or your next door neighbor, chances are that passion was fueled by a childhood experience. Think about donating yourself and if you do, please let me know.

The Most Beautiful Pumpkinks

I'm reading and savoring each photograph in Amy Goldman's 'The Compleat Squash'. No, that's not a typo. From this gardener's point of view, it's the most beautiful colffee table I have ever seen.. She's grown each variety or contracted with growers to complete such a huge task, Then when it's paired with beautiful photography, it's a huge achievement. This type of quality is also validated by starting prices of over $150 bucks for this out of print book on Amazon. She's done the same thing with melons and tomatoes. Check them out at the library or better yet, add them to your gardening library.