Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ferry Seed Store Display Box pre 1929

If you've ever participated in ebay, you know the thrill of winning after days of waiting. As I'm writing this I'm in the middle of that thrill. I just got the positive news about this vintage store display box. I did a little research about the D.M. Ferry Seed Company. Around 1860, Dexter Mason Ferry wanted to earn some money to go to college. He took a job doing the books for a Detroit seed company. In a short amount of time, he bought out the owners. He was the first to sell seeds in stores and guarantee their freshness. He grew seed crops for some of varieties he sold.
Ferry merged his company with the C C Morse Seed Company of San Francisco to form the Ferry-Morse Seed Company. So I feel good in knowing my seed box was being used in the twenties. Ferry-Morse is now headquartered today in Fulton, Kentucky.
You will find their product today in local garden centers that carry a broad selection of seed companies. Dexter Mason Ferry would be glad to know the brand is known for reasonably priced seed.