Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bald Cypress - no leaf raking (almost)

it is this time of year when gathering leaves is added to your chore list. however, if you had a yard full of bald cypress it would be greatly reduced. notice the small leaflets (my word). each individual piece drops to the ground and most are blown away unless you have fences or other obstacles. and then they are a little bother.
but the biggest asset is the graceful effect these delicate leaves create unlike any tree we have in our landscaping pallette. i can't imagine the impact of 3 grouped together. i'm planning to in a clients backyard next year.
this is the same tree found in florida's everglades. because of this attribute i have been told they sop up water in poor drainage areas. this one i have to verify with KSU extension. i'll keep you posted.

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