Wednesday, July 21, 2010

green flowers

i'm reading a great book titled - "green flowers - unexpected beauty for the garden, containers or vase." i've always had a thing for green flowers and have enjoyed the book. here are some of the selections for our zone:

columbine 'chocalate soldiers' - brown petals with larger green bracts.
clematis 'plena'
amaranthus 'viridis' green form of love lies bleeding - looks great with burgundy one in vase
kousa dogwood -early spring flower is beautiful with a tan and white/green combo flower
snow-on-the-mountain 'silver queen' great volunteer in the garden (above left)
lisianthus 'piccolo green' simply elegant form of texas bluebell
green snowdrop 'virescens'
helleborus 'double green' grow close to house so can be seen in early march
daylily 'green flutter'
hydrangea 'limelight'
bells of ireland - easy to grow annual is favorite of hip florists
nicotiana 'Lime Green' - stunning in garden or vase
rudbeckia 'green wizard' - imagine yellow form without petals
tulips 'spring green' 'greenland'
calla lilies 'green goddess' 'captain eskimo' great name!

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