Friday, January 1, 2010

Hardy Hibiscus -Huge 12" Flowers

I grew my first deep red hardy hibiscus as a teenager. It looks just the same as it's tropical cousin except they are huge. Im talking about a foot wide on average. The petals are more rounded to create a real dinner plate effect. It's hard to imagine the scope and size of these blossoms.

I recall two differences from tropical ones. The leaves and stems are bigger and stronger. The other thing you must know is the plants are slow to come back to life. I mean later than any plant I have ever grown. I'm sure many good plants have seen trashbags before their time.

I discovered Flemings Flower Fields from an ad in this month's Fine Gardening. Three brothers, all deceased, dedicatefd themselves to growing and hybridizing hardy hisbicus for the wholesale market.

The company is headquarted in Lincoln, NE. There is a park dedicated to the three brothers with over 500 hybrids. Sounds like a summer road trip.

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