Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Best of Proven Winners Combos

I'm working on an advertising project and asked the marketing team at PW what do they consider to be their best combos? Picture above are three of those combos.

From top:
Purple Haze

Supertunia 'Boudeaux' x 1
Supertunia 'Royal Velvet x 1
Superbena Large Lilac Blue x 1

Picasso's Fantasy
Alyssum 'Snow Princess' x 2
Sweet Potato 'Sweet Caroline Light Green' x 1
Supertunia 'Pretty Much Picasso' x 2

Freedom Rings
Superbena Dark Blue x 1
Verbena Tukana Scarlet Star x 1
Verbena Tukana White x 1


Anonymous said...

These are great! Mum

Anonymous said...

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