Monday, January 3, 2011

Black Velvet Petunia Introduction Video

The most exciting introduction of 2011 is hands down 'Black Velvet' petunia. Most flowers that use black or night are just very dark people such as 'Queen of the Night' tulip. But Black Velvet is truly black see for yourself:

So if you're not excited by what you saw, then check your pulse. Based on impressive garden test results, Black Velvet is the most impressive introduction in years.


Debbie said...

I'll have to wait and see. Not sure how I will use black petunias to show them well. What do you think?

Patrick said...

Debbie -

I agree with the people at Ball (a former advertising client of mine) that everything goes with black. Sticking with petunias i think the richness of a dark purple veined could be unexpected.

I'm looking forward to seeing it paired with Diamond Frost.

i could see a window box with Black Velvets, asparagus fern and white bacopa trailing over the rim.

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