Thursday, February 10, 2011

My 2011 Dahlia Order

Somehow I was able to narrow down my dahlia order to just three after looking at the Swan Island Dahlias catalog of 350. I have always been a fan of flowers that are so deep red, in the right light, can almost look black. Then I like it to pair it with white to get the maximum impact out of both. So the following three are incorporating that strategy.

I have grown 'Crossfield Ebony' (top) as a kid and thought it was great so I'm ordering it again because the unusual pom-pom form adds great texture when combined with other flowers. The white 'Bride to Be' is in the SID's cutflower mix so I'm assuming it should great candidate for the vase. The waterlily flower form of Bride to Be will look great with the pom-pom and the traditional flower form of 'Voodoo' (bottom).


bakingbarb said...

My gosh the dahlias are beautiful. I've not really grown them before (ok I tried). Picking from a catalog and getting it down to 3 isn't easy!

jayne said...

Love your choices. I have grown voo doo and it is a winner!